Getting Started with Bitcoin 
Bitcoin Assistance
As part of our bitcoin funding team, you will be assisted in setting up your bitcoin account, buying and selling bitcoin and taught how to securely store your Bitcoin. The following information and videos should be enough to get you started and going but if after you have tried to set up your account you are still not able to do so, please email us the problem at and we will try our best to help you. Please write in the subject: "BITCOIN EDUCATORS" so we can distinguish it from all other emails.

We can't guarantee you we will be successful at solving the issue but we will try our best to get at least some bitcoin into your pocket (literally!). 

First, if you are new to Bitcoin here's a primer on the Bitcoin Basics...
If you have specific questions Youtube is a great resources as you can put your question in the search function.
Here's a breakdown of how to Buy/Sell/Transfer Bitcoin. There is many, many other ways to buy/sell/Transfer Bitcoin but we believe this is the easiest way to participate for new (and low tech) users.

1. We use Coinbase for buying and selling Bitcoin. It is the most popular site and easy to use. You WILL have to give up some of your personal information when you sign up so if you are looking to skirt the rules and regulations of government there may be better solutions. Again, check Youtube for alternative solutions.
Now you are ready to start. On your desktop or laptop go to or even better...below is a Coinbase link that will give you an extra $10 in BTC after your first $100 BTC purchase:
Here's a quick walk through of how the process of setting up a Coinbase account works. It is very straightforward but make sure you follow all the steps in order on your own screen as different countries have different information requirements.
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2. To buy your first Bitcoin click the ""Buy/Sell" link on the left side of the page. This will take you to the purchase page where you can buy Bitcoin or Ethereum (very speculative but great long run potential). Click on Bitcoin, make sure your back account/bank card is correct, enter the amount of bitcoin you want to purchase in $ or BTC and then click the Buy Bitcoin button on the bottom. This will take you to a confirmation page and tell you how long it will take to hit your account (a few business days usually).

3. Enroll in the Bitcoin Funding Team here:
4. Once you get the BTC deposited into your Coinbase account you will want to take it out of the online account and put it on an offline storage electronic or paper wallet. NOTE: YOU WILL WANT TO KEEP AT LEAST 1/10 OF A BITCOIN IN YOUR ACCOUNT EACH MONTH TO SERVICE YOUR BITCOIN FUNDING TEAM ACCOUNT.

 Here's a video describing one way to create paper wallets but there are many...
Again, we suggest practicing all the transfers with a small amount of btc at first just so you get the hang of it. This is why Bitcoin Funding Team is a great place to start!! 1/10 of a Bitcoin per month and leverage through our crowd funding program to earn up to 84.5 Bitcoins!

Also, do a search on youtube if you have any BTC questions.

Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming Bitcoin proficient!
If you are still having problems email us ( with the subject line "BITCOIN EDUCATORS" and we will do our best to help you with the issue.

Larry & Neil